Stuart Regan
I'm Stuart Regan, a Digital Designer from London. I do websites and themes, as well as UI and UX design.

Neue are an exciting, new company, focused on bringing minimal and simplistic products to light. I worked on their website and packaging design, helping bring that minimal flair to their online presence and in their product packaging.

I helped develop and produce Dotted Paper, a dot-grid notebook for creatives, alongisde Oleg Tsaplin at Finely, a London based design studio. I helped with the direction of the product design, and took the lead role for the website.


A selection of custom WordPress + Tumblr themes, designed under the Themies roof; simplistic designs focused on the content. This section is regularly updated with new designs.

Fantasy Draft Soccer — UX

In early 2016, I worked with a startup to develop the concept of a new fantasy football app/website. This involved hi-fi wireframes to map out the ideas and feature-set in the brief. This allowed us to establish a general design, and help the developers build out features from visuals.

Various apps

A selection of iPhone app projects (Simple Timer, left & Eat It, right) in my portfolio. The goal is to always eliminate clutter and unnecessary UI to achieve the visual that is to bring a clean experience across the application.